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The Ha Phuong Foundation

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The Children’s Village of the Thien Duyen Temple

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Visiting the Children’s Village, Ha Phuong (HP for short)  not only donated funding and food, she also encouraged the children to develop their talents.  One special boy ,Phoi, had a good singing voice. HP was very moved when he sang “Tinh Me,” Because he was blind Phoi had been abandoned by his mother at a young age, and one of the song’s lyric’s was  “Mother, where can I find you?”

After hearing him sing, HP invited Phoi to participate in recording a song on a new CD titled “Thuong” which featured other disabled and underprivileged children who were likewise  gifted in music.

They had each been selected from a  “Nurturing Talent” class sponsored by HP. On the album the children sang with other famous Vietnam singers in addition to Ha Phuong and other noted singers from abroad. The proceeds from album sales are designated to be send back to the Thien Duyen Temple to help the children.

While visiting the Children’s village , Ha Phuong also sang for disabled Vietnamese workers (blind people) who make and sell lamps for the Temple.