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The Ha Phuong Foundation

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Ha Phuong Provides Music Lessons to Talented Underprivileged children

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While Ha Phuong is involved in many charities, her passion is truly to help children promote their talents and learn how to forge a stable career in the future. To that end the Ha Phuong Foundation collaborates with the Hai Nam vocal center in Vietnam to work with the students throughout their teenage years. In addition, students living in shelters receive full tuition waivers, as well as free transportation to and from the studio.

The center offers classes in singing, music theory, dance, guitar, and organ. Their motto is akin to “teach a man to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” The goal of the charity is to help people have better lives, present and future.

While donating money and supplies are important, Ha Phuong also recognizes the need for improved education, because she knows that a strong education is priceless.

Any money that was made from sales of her CDs is also used In Vietnam to help retired artists living in poverty, to build shelters, to build and repair bridges in rural areas, and fund hundreds of eye operations and cleft palate surgeries.

At the end of her visit, HP once again performed for the students, as she often does.