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The Ha Phuong Foundation

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The Pagoda Orphanage of Temple Dieu Giac Lan

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As a mother as well as a philanthropist who cared deeply about all children, Ha Phuong wanted to do more than provide money and material support to the orphans and the poor. She wanted to set an example for her own young girls, Diana and Angelina, so they would grow up learning how to share with everyone.

After visiting the orphanage, Diana and Angelina were so moved that they volunteered to put money into a piggy bank at home.

Later they used those savings to buy toys for the children at the orphanage…

The day that HP brought her girls to the orphanage was the 10th year anniversary of this particular orphanage. One girl HP had first met there years ago when the child was abandoned by her parents was now more grown up and on her way to becoming a lively and happy young woman.