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The Ha Phuong Foundation

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Temple of Long Hoa Co Tu

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As she sat and ate with the youngsters at this orphanage, HP noticed that the children were gobbling up the food as if they were afraid it would disappear:  she learned that they often did not have enough to eat.  As a result they were often too tired and sluggish to enjoy various activities.  In addition to providing funds for sufficient food on a continuing basis, she also organized a concert and performed in it for the orphans.

HP was very touched when one  little girl said: “Aunty! Are you coming back to visit next year?  I have never been so happy as today.” She was also deeply touched when one little boy sang “Happy New Year to Mother” to her. In that song there was a lyric that went:  “Poor, orphaned, hungry and thirsty, who would take care of the orphaned baby?”  Hearing these words, everyone’s eyes filled with tears.