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The Ha Phuong Foundation

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Singer HA Phuong visits the Boys and Girls Club’s Recording Studio

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Within the Ha Phuong Multi-Media Arts Center she and her husband sponsored as part of her Foundation is a state-of-the-art recording studio. Here we see her on a visit to the studio, which is designed to help young students develop their musical and artistic talents in a supportive environment. The students each get a dark blue shirt with the word “hope” emblazoned across the chest.
Recently a seventh-grade member of the Boys and Girl’s Club named Mya expressed her gratitude to HP, telling her that becoming involved with the recording studio has made her singing dreams come true. This warmed Ha Phuong’s heart since for her this studio was designed not just a place for young people to try out their talents, but also a place where students could actually start a musical career. She in fact decided to collaborate with some of the students in the studio to produce a CD, and then directed all of the proceeds back into the studio.