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Ha Phuong

A Sensation in Vietnam
Lovely singer/actress Ha Phuong is
poised to take the U.S. by storm with
her hauntingly beautiful voice and acting
talent. Watch for her first English language
songs, music videos and movie role.


The Ha Phuong Foundation
embodies Ha Phuong’s passion
for music and devotion to children’s
causes. The Foundation has already
built a multi-media arts center in
partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of
Garden Grove, Orange County, California.


Finding Julia, a feature film starring
Ha Phuong, Andrew McCarthy and
Richard Chamberlain, centers on a
beautiful Vietnamese-American’s
struggles with a great cultural
divide and her need to conceal
a haunting secret.

Comfortable on any stage and
in all her endeavors, Ha Phuong's
personal role models are Audrey
Hepburn and Princess Diana.
Artistically she admires Celine Dion
and Sarah Brightman, among other
U.S. performers who inspire her.


Last year Ha Phuong was
a “Top donor to UNICEF.”
As a parent, she often involves
her daughters in helping others.
She wants them to “learn to
love and share with people
who are less fortunate.”


Ha Phuong and her husband run the Vietnam
Relief Effort, which serves the needs of
Vietnam's poorest citizens, supports
arts programs, and brings Vietnamese
doctors to the U.S. for training.


Appreciative of her own good fortune and actively giving back, 100% of Ha Phuong’s DVD/CD sales, concert revenues and profits from her music and acting career will go to her Foundation.


Experience two of Ha Phuong’s songs,
“Lost in a Dream" and "Come to Me."
Watch for the Finding Julia trailer,
here soon and on